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Trinidad V Hopkins

Recently a YouTube channel that I subscribe to put together a video of the 50 fights that every boxing fan should watch. I'm going to go through them from 50-1. Last night, I watched number 50 on the list. September 29, 2001, in Madison Square Garden: Bernard Hopkins v. Felix Trinidad.

This was on the list as a brilliant performance by Hopkins, who completely outclassed Trinidad, to that point undefeated in his career, knocking him out in the 12th round. I scored the fight, and gave Hopkins all but one round. Trinidad had awesome power, especially in his left hook, but Hopkins neutralized it by commanding the ring and constantly moving, forcing Trinidad to pick up his feet and reset every time. Hopkins also managed the distance of this fight very well, either keeping Trinidad at the end of his jab or beating him to the punch on the inside. Fun fight to watch. This is the night that Hopkins went from being a future HOFer to an all-time great middleweight, up there with Hagler and Monzon and the rest. Here is the video of the fight.

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